2019 Capel 200 Trail Bike Rally - Event Information

More than just a trail ride, the 2019 Capel 200 Trail Bike Rally is a non-competitive event that offers a full day of quality off road riding on some of the best trails in WA. You ride at your own pace and the mix of trails and optional full-on enduro sections mean you can ride it as a casual trail ride or as serious training for your next enduro.

The Capel 200 Loop

is a 70km mixture of 4WD tracks, flowing pine firebreaks and single track trails, with optional ‘Enduro’ sections. It’s open to experienced adult riders on A or B Class registered trail or enduro bikes. You can ride as many laps as you want, and most riders do 2 or 3 laps.

For riders who want something more serious there will also be a number of Enduro sections at different points on the course. The Enduro sections are optional and you only ride them if you want to. They’re ‘technical’ and challenging, so if you’ve never ridden in an enduro event give them a go and see how you shape up.



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From Perth: The start-finish area is at 1688 Goodwood Road, Capel. Travel south from Perth to Bunbury. Travel a further 25 km towards Busselton on the Bussell Highway and look for the event signs at the Capel turn off. Turn left off the highway into the Capel town site. At the Capel pub turn into the high street and continue over the railway, past the Country Club and follow the arrows out of town along Goodwood Road (towards Donnybrook). The start area is on the right about 17.5 km from the Capel pub and will be signed.

From Busselton: Travelling north on the Bussell Highway look for the event signs at the Capel turn off and turn right off the highway into the Capel town site.

From Donnybrook and points South: Turn left at Donnybrook and follow the signs to Capel. The venue is about 20 km from Donnybrook. Look for the signs and arrows close to the start area on the left.

Limited Entries

To keep things flowing on the trails and ensure everyone gets the best possible ride entries will be limited to a manageable number. Preference will be given to online pre-entries, so head to the “Enter Event” section of the website and enter NOW! If you do intend to enter on the day then please ring the day before to check entries aren’t already full.


When you arrive follow the signs to the parking area. You can pit out of your vehicle but please park close together in an orderly manner as we have a lot of vehicles to accommodate. The riding of motorcycles is only permitted at walking pace in the designated laneways. If you ‘hoon’ in the paddock then you’ll be asked to leave! The other important pit rule is NO LITTER, we are very fortunate to able to use the property and if we leave it in a mess we’ll lose it.

Registration (Saturday 7:00am to 8:30am)

Who can ride the event?

You must have a driver’s license for one of the following motorcycle classes:

* R – Any motorcycle;
* R-E – A LAMS approved Motorcycle (a motorcycle with engine capacity not exceeding 660cc and a power-to-weight ratio not greater than 150kW/t); or
* Motorcycle Learners Permit – A LAMS approved Motorcycle (a motorcycle with engine capacity not exceeding 660cc and a power-to-weight ratio not greater than 150kW/t), displaying L plates;

Details at: http://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/licensing.asp

Make sure you bring your drivers licence, bike registration papers (Note: “No licence or Rego – No Ride”!) and Motorcycling Australia (MA) licence if you have one.

Machine Examination (Saturday 7:00am to 8:45am)

This is a fairly long event and can be pretty demanding on your bike, so please make sure it’s clean and in good, safe mechanical condition. Don’t turn up with a bike in dodgy condition as we would hate to turn you away after driving so far!

Make sure your bike is clean & free from soil or organic matter, and has a full tank of fuel!!

Make sure your Rider Number is on your front number plate and that your helmet is not damaged, fits properly and has an AS1698 or equivalent sticker.

You may self-scrutineer your bike at this event. If doing so then you will be issued with a Self-Scrutineering Declaration form after you enter, which you complete and sign and present with your bike to the Club officials at the Parc Fermé after you have registered.

If you are not self-scrutineering, then you present your bike, crash helmet and boots at machine examination and the Club will scrutineer it.

Riding Equipment & Clothing

Make sure you carry a basic tool kit and a spare plug. Carry plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and take some nibbles too. Once cleared through machine examination you will wheel your bike to the Parc Fermé. Once in the Parc Fermé you will not be permitted to remove your bike from that area until you start the event.

Minimum clothing is an AS1698 or equivalent approved helmet, gloves, goggles, motorcycle boots, nylon or leather trousers and a riding shirt or jacket.  Full protective gear, including body armour /neck brace is strongly recommended. Please note that as the event is being held in DEC controlled State Forest tear off lenses are not permitted and only roll-offs or other non-disposable systems can be used.

Riders Briefing (Saturday 8:45am)

There will be a compulsory Riders' Briefing before the event commences for all adult riders. Details of course arrows, signs, safety requirements and other information will be included in the briefing.

Start (Saturday 9:00am)

Adult riders: There will be no set starting order, except that all main ‘Capel 200 Loop’ riders will start before ‘Novice Loop’ riders. Riders will start in rows of 6 at one minute intervals, So when you’re ready to go just make your way with your bike to the starting queue in the Parc Fermé.

The Course

The main ‘Capel 200 Loop’ trail is approx 70km. The terrain is hard pack, dirt, sand and gravel with several water crossings. One lap of the main ‘Capel 200 Loop’ will take an average ability rider about 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours to complete. Optional ‘Enduro’ sections are available for riders looking for something more testing. Bikes must be capable of completing at least 75 kms on a tank of fuel, as there are no refuelling points on the trail.

The course will be signed with blue or red arrows stapled to trees to point the way and course signing and procedures will be explained at the Riders Briefing.

This is NOT A COMPETITIVE EVENT and it is very important that all riders pace themselves and ride safely and within their ability.

Safety Sweep Riders

Sweep Riders will circulate among the riders to assist where necessary. If you would like to volunteer as a Sweep Rider please contact the Event Coordinator.

First Aid

Qualified First Aid Officers will be in attendance. If a rider requires transportation to hospital an ambulance will be used.

Recovery of Broken Down Bikes

Bikes that break down will not generally be recovered from the trail until the end of the day, but may be recovered at other times if safety permits. Riders or other people attending the event ARE NOT TO ENTER THE COURSE TO TRY AND RECOVER BIKES. Recovery vehicles will be provided and ONLY the event organisers will be permitted on to the course to recover bikes.


Portable toilets will be provided. Please observe the LADIES ONLY toilets and keep them clean and tidy. If you have any spare water it would be appreciated if you could top them up during the day.

Camping & Accommodation

Free camping is available on Friday night. Camping is only permitted in the designated areas. There are toilets on-site, but no showers. Depending on conditions small campfires are permitted. Noisy, disruptive or anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave!

There is plenty of accommodation in Capel, Peppermint Grove Beach, Donnybrook, Bunbury and Busselton. Just contact the local Visitors Centre for details.

Helping Out

Whilst the organisers have put a great deal of effort into setting up and running the event they may require some assistance with minor jobs on the day. They are all volunteers, so if you hear a call for volunteers please offer your assistance.

Rubbish & Litter

The event base is private property and must be respected. So please take all your litter and rubbish away with you. It is essential that you respect this requirement if we are to be able to use this property for future events.


We will have the barbie fired up and on site catering will be available at the event on Saturday from breakfast time.

Alcohol and Smoking

All MA motorcycle events have a NO alcohol and smoking policy. Please respect this policy, and remember … smoking is stupid too!


Dogs are not permitted under any circumstance. Riders who bring dogs will be asked to leave the area.

Orderly Conduct

All riders, spectators and other people attending the event are required to act in an orderly way, with respect for all organisers, volunteers and others attending the event. Abuse, both verbal and physical, and anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and exclusion from the event will result. We encourage a safe and friendly environment. Family and friends are welcome and we are all there to have FUN. Children are welcome but you are responsible for their behaviour.


If you have any questions or require further information please contact the Event Coordinator, Rob Harvey, on 0419950731 or rob@harveymetals.com.au .

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